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Country: Berlin (GER)

Genre: Fusion / Jazz / Rock

Activity: 2018 - present

Official Website: www.kloudfall.com

Some music leaves you no choice but to follow it into another world. Where the visceral atmosphere around you changes your thoughts dissolve into an alien unfamiliarity. The band KLOUDFALL is doing this with their instrumental music


Influences of fusion, jazz, ambient and rock meet here in a sensual way. Combined to a harmonious listening experience. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes meditative, sometimes powerful and often surprising. Through their sounds and their playing, the band nurtures an organic character and a story rich in theme. Abandoned places, human emptiness and natures weary flourishing run through the music .
























Valentin Mayr (piano, synths, harmonium)

Barney Riley (drums)

Dante Paolo Uccello (harmonium, synths, piano)

Ruben Bernges (guitar)

Johannes Schauer (bass)

"Voices" (Live @ Famous Gold Watch)



Booking Contact: Valentin Mayr

Booking Mail: kloudfall.music@gmail.com

Aktivity: 2018 - present

Phone: 0151/14219952

Address: Schöneweider Straße 20, 12055 Berlin


Kloudfall Website: www.kloudfall.com

Valentin Mayr Website: www.valentinmayr-music.com